ArrowOS and the SOT

SOT stands for Screen on Time, and is one way (VERY UNREALISTIC) to measure battery life. Why is that? That’s because your battery’s life is subject to a myriad of factors which may or may not affect it.

We are getting a lot of people who don’t understand how batteries and Android work and they come with a lot of unrealistic expectations.

The reality is that the more apps you have installed on your phone, the less battery life you will have.

Most of the apps are not designed to be as respectful of battery life as possible. They are designed to keep the phone awake, aggressively load and keep themselves loaded into the memory so they can push instant notifications and the adds that will obviously making money to the developers.

You wanna have a long battery life? Well in this case you have to either use nicer apps or apps YOU can control. Apps that allows you to make them lazy and avoid APPS YOU CAN NOT CONTROL one example being Google play services and their well know battery drain issue. There is no battery optimization available for that by the way… Same as there is none for calendar and the clock.

You also need to read a bit about the new features and capabilities that have been around since the days of Android 6.0 .

A10 and A11 bring to the table even more advanced tools and controls.

We are talking about :

Doze and App Standby
App Standby Buckets.
Background restrictions.

All these are explained on

But most of the people are not even aware of these new features and capabilities and their knowledge of android is stuck at Android 4.0 and some of them would have no knowledge at all but will actively contribute to entertaining this drama and anxiety about SOT.

They chose to believe urban legends and “one click solutions” or better said “one flash solutions” and blindly flash all kind of weird things that promise them to increase their battery life.

Flashing is INSTALLING (remember, these type of apps will have to install foreground and background services in order to monitor those apps that you want to silence which of course will keep the phone awake even longer than usual) Installing an app to prevent the battery drain is like putting in a wolf inside of the sheep pen to keep away the thief. In 99 percent of the cases the wolf is guaranteed to do more damage than the hypothetical thief.

Our builds come by default with the optimal settings to give a DECENT balance between performance and battery longevity .

Have a look at my screenshot below. Lavender (Redmi note 7) old mobile , has already reached the EOL. Standard kernel, no magisk no root no modules no fancy schmancy apps to “improve” the battery life. I am running a vanilla build (meaning no Google play services ). I would normally get anything between 25 to 40 hours battery life. Using Telegram a lot, watching movies on Netflix and using maps for navigation.

Remember me telling you in the beginning of the posts that “the more apps you have installed on your phone, the less battery life you will have.” ?

Well, here is the proof: Watch what happens when you use a script that removes apps from the operating system. Pay attention at the battery life part:

Moral of the story? Whatever suboptimal battery life you are getting is your doing and not the ArrowOS’s fault.

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