ArrowOS OTA Updates

ArrowOS users now can receive and install over-the-air (OTA) updates to their system and their application software.

Checking for new updates is very easy: Click on the “Settings” icon , scroll down to “System” entry, click on it and you will see an entry called “Updater“. Once you clicked on it, a new window will open and you will be greeted with this message:

If you have received a new update all you have to do is to click on the “Download” button, sit back, relax, have a coffee and a ciggie and wait for the new update to finish downloading it. If your recovery is supported, the update will install automatically.

If it isn’t , don’t worry, because your updater will tell you straight away that you have to install the new update manually which is a very simple matter of flashing it.

Should you need to transfer that update to either an external card , or to the internal memory here’s how to do it:

There are two ways of getting that update file:

  1. Assuming you are rooted , use your file manager to navigate to the folder found under /data/arrowos_updates and transfer it wherever you want. (Remember, this specific method requires you to have root access).
  2. If you are a normal user and do not have root access, fear not, for we have the perfect solution for you too:
  3. Long click the update card —> Click export . Is that simple. The update will be saved in the internal storage at “ArrowOS Updates”

One thing to remember… IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you KEEP A COPY of each and every update you receive (or at least the ones you like) somewhere safe.

This practice WILL ALLOW YOU to either DOWNGRADE or roll back to a previous version when something has gone horribly wrong because “You’ve been a’messin’ where you shouldn’t ‘ve been a’messin” . 🙂

It also goes without saying that BACKING UP YOUR DATA should be the first thing you do before attempting to perform an update.

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