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OK, the proper steps depends on the developers and on your device but they are mainly the same.

My phone comes with an a micro SD card which makes flashing very easy and very straightforward.

For my device (My phone is a lavender and it does not come with an A/B partition layout) all i have to do is very very simple… go to the website , download the zipfile with the rom inside , put it on the external SD card…. reboot to recovery and then wipe the relevant partitions and format data before flashing.

As per one of our users suggestion:

When messing around with ArrowOS and flashing 3rd party GApps like Nikgapps etc, you need to be aware that if you own a device that comes with a dynamic partition things are gonna get slightly more… interesting:  If your device has dynamic partitions, you will not find system or vendor in the “wipe” list . Meaning… any 3rd party GApps you have previously installed WILL SURVIVE….

There would be cases when you REALLY NEED or want to start with a clean slate.

As per our expert’s advice: : Go to recovery, mount system, delete /system_root/system/addon.d folder if you wanna get rid of the older GApps.

Shy Ronnie

If you do have a device with an A/B partition layout you need not to worry… As long as you follow your Devs instructions you would be OK.

There is nothing complicated or magical about the A/B partitions and luckily for you when you flash a custom ROM, these days the recovery you have installed does all the heavy lifting for you quietly in the background.

 You don’t have to worry about picking up a slot when flashing the operating system as by default the operating system will be automatically flashed to the inactive slot. 

Same thing it will happen during the upgrades… All you have to do is to select the ROM zip and swipe to flash. Afterwards just Reboot your device.

The operating system will now boot from the opposite slot, that is to say, the slot on which you just flashed the ROM. This slot has now, become the active slot, and the other one became inactive. In a nutshell that’s how it works.

Now,I always prefer to do clean installs as it allows me to test the OS in its purest form… By that I mean, I ONLY FLASH THE ZIP CONTAINING THE ROM.

Not the zip with 3 modules and magisk at the same time, nor, first the zip with the ROM and afterwards, in a quick succession flash other modules… I ONLY FLASH THE ZIP CONTAINING THE ROM and allow the ROM to finish it’s setup process and boot to the screen. Now that you know all that, you’re ready for your first clean install.

A clean install is actually something very straight forward:

Go to —> Wipe–>advance wipe—> select
a.Dalvik cache
And swipe

Afterwards format data

Click yes when I am asked for confirmation


Allow it to flash

Reboot to system and allow the ROM to finish it’s setup process.

Enjoy the ROM

This is my standard install procedure.
Your instructions from the developer might vary slightly but the steps should mainly be the same.

I never had to bother with flashing firmware or vendors…
For my build , the vendor is already included

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