A new approach, how-to and benefits to the contributors and welcoming a new face to the CORE!

All about the projects new strategy and focus.

July 23, 2019 - 2 minute read -
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Published on: July 23, 2019 by Kuber Sharma, Bauuuuu, Ganesh Varma

A New Approach

It’s been a good year for us at ArrowOS maitaining a stable community of users and we have learned a lot down the road. Now that android Q is around the corner we’ll be taking a new approach and making changes on how this project runs from now onwards. We’ll be focusing more towards our internal team management on providing opportunities to our maintainers to improve their quality of work while maintaing the standarads that we expect.

More about Contributions by Contributors and few benefits

Starting from Q, We will be eliminating contributors associated with infamous or controversial projects to eleminate the possibilty of any dramas. We can’t or won’t be taking any chances that might interrupt our community, good or bad that is how it will be from now on. We are sincerely focusing on raising the standards of people associated with us than shipping a mass amount of devices. Hence from Q the requirements to be part of ArrowOS Contributors team will be high!

With that being said the maintainers will now be given few privileges, handing them full control over to Jenkins to initiate a Test build anytime so that there will be more preliminary checks done before the official releases. More information on this will be shared in the upcoming days.

We are also looking forward in seeing more active contributors, which will open the opportunity for them to become a part of Core Team. Our doors are now wide open for all contributors. The criteria to get into ArrowOS Squad will be judged upon how useful and error-free those contributions are to the project keeping in mind maintaining code integrity and ownerships to those commits respectively.

The END - Welcoming a new member into the Core Team Squad!

Lucia (lyudmila_rev1917) has earned a place in ArrowOS Squad being active in helping the community and on the project with several useful contributions since a long time now and hence we have decided to make her a part of ArrowOS Core Team along with +2 Gerrit rights and full control over Jenkins builds. Lucia will also be involved in several core team activities.

With Regards,
~ Team ArrowOS