Changelogs 8.x(OREO)

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October 14, 2018 - 2 minute read -
arrowos changelog oreo

ArrowOS Changelogs for 8.x(OREO)

Published on: July 28, 2018 by Kuber Sharma, Bauuuuu, Ganesh Varma, Amitava Mitra
Last updated on: 14th October, 2018

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07th October, 2018

  • Add full OMS support ( rootless substratum )
  • Merged OCTOBER security patches!

25th August, 2018

  • August Android Security Patch
  • Frameworks: add ability to disable bar color in battery saver mode
  • Stop using rssnr, it falsly shows wrong signal bars
  • fwb: Add check for odm version
  • Add back button to demo mode fragment
  • Location: Skip processing when reciever pointer is null
  • fix synchronization bug when notification enqueue/cancel
  • core: ChooserActivity: fix android crash from null object
  • Remove unused calling for better performance
  • core: Fix long overflow issue in NetworkStats
  • MtpDatabase: Fix potential NULL dereference errors
  • Fix a ‘memory leak’
  • Check for null path in getInternalPathForUser
  • ScanRecord.getServiceData NPE fix
  • Speed up the speed of computer MTP query
  • Fix problems caused by multithreading in VibratorService
  • Ensure battery saver preference is truly disabled while plugged
  • Fix NullPointerException in BatteryUtils
  • Avoid NullPointerException when updating preference intents
  • Fix settings force close
  • Fix for battery item summary that disappears
  • Fix for NPE caused by missing argument in setResult for ChooseLockGen
  • Fix the crash caused by show DialogFragment after it state already saved
  • Fix NPE crash in AppInfoBase
  • Fix the format of wifi_carrier_content string
  • Fix Phone Info FC
  • App notification config reset should also reset legacy notification
  • Settings: FC when rotate in Wifi AP detail page
  • Keep access point list updated once in short time.
  • Setting:BugFix for OOM caused by looper leak in settings
  • InstalledAppDetails: Avoid crash caused by ActivityNotFoundException
  • settings: bt: Fix NPE with switch state
  • Fix NPE in AutoSyncWorkDataPreferenceController
  • settings: update switch state only if there is change