Weekly Post [21st Oct, 2018]

A brief summary about stuff that happened this week

October 21, 2018 - 3 minute read -
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Published 2018-10-20 by Ganesh Varma

Hello there, hope you all had a great weekend. So it’s been a really crazy weekend for us over here, especially with google releasing the android-9.0.0_r12 tag yesterday. There are lots of changes introduced with this tag being a major overhaul to the source for the release of Pixel 3/xl devices. We’re glad that we have managed to merge all the upstream changes into all our repos with no issues. All official devices have been tested with the updated source and everything has been confirmed to be functioning well. A big shout out to all our maintainers for always being ready to test in a very short notice of time.

New Groups

With that being said we’re bringing in two more new devices into ArrowOS official device family. OnePlus 5/5t which will be maintained by Bauuuuu. A thing to note, though the devices are being announced as Official and fully stable, if you wish to opt for testing the builds before the offical release, you’re more than welcome to join our testers group on telegram.

There’s also a new ArrowOS Potter specific group created by Kuber Sharma. You can have a more detailed insight on bugs and things to discuss about the device, so potter fans feel free to join the group over here.

Now coming to the weekly changes

There have been a lot of stuff going on in the team and i’ll be addressing only the main changes that took place.

You’ve all been suffering with that annoying preferred sim setup popup on each reboot and finally it has come to an end. This weekly comes with a fix for these issue on all our officially supported devices. Also now there’s an option added to disable sim cards which is still in experimental state so keep an eye out for that.

New changes to the Blog

We’re introducing new device specific posts which will be maintained by all the maintainers of our official devices. You can interact with your maintainer directly through the comments section in each post. We’ll be making sure to take out some time for our beloved users. Do checkout your device posts for some interesting tweaks and suggestions from your maintainer. Your device status on the posts will be updated regularly with all the timely changes that take place with the device source. All device posts will be categorised under the tag KNOW-MORE.

You may also quickly head over to your device section by choosing the device tags shown on the Main page header as shown in the image below here.

New changes that have been added

  • Night Mode switch is now available under Display->SystemUI theme category.
  • A hide notch feature for notched devices
  • Fingerprint vibration on/off
  • Fingerprint unlock after reboot
  • Expanded desktop feature
  • We have switched to Phonograph as our default music app
  • Also added ‘GoogleSans’ fonts
  • Besides above changes minor fixed and improvments to source code

Jenkins builds are underway and you’ll start receiving the OTA’s shortly

Our changelogs posts will be updated with more detailed changes after being finalised by the team.