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Our World Wide Web - the changes done and upcoming; Welcoming a new CORE member!

Recents statistics page, upcoming changes to website and a new CORE team member

July 26, 2020 - 2 minute read -
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Published on: Jul 26, 2020 by Kuber Sharma, Ganesh Varma, Michael P
Updated on: Jul 27, 2020 by Kuber Sharma

Hello, It has been a while since we last posted anything on our blog. With a sudden COVID19 pandemic and lockdown, it has affected us in many ways and left us all stressed out. Sadness apart ‘here we go again’, finally after long break breathin and alive.

New ArrowOS Statistics webpage

Recently our team went ahead and re-did the whole ArrowOS Statistics website, the structure is now ported to python(Django) which is now more responsive than ever before. Additionally, we have added a Recent statistics page to showcase the statistics of the last 24 hours. So, yeah “Pump up those numbers by installing ArrowOS on your device today!” :p

Not to forget, HarshV23 is working on improving our main website alongside Ganesh Varma as we plan to automate few parts of the website content for a better and easy management. As of now it is still W.I.P.

A Bear in the house

Many of you might already be familiar of Michael P (palaych) as a maintainer of ArrowOS (polaris). Since then he has been working hard and made his way up to be a member of the CORE team. There has never been an official announcement regarding this. So today as I am writing this blog post, I would like to inform everyone that Palaych has earned a spot into the CORE TEAM. i.e, he has now been given access to all our infra which includes Jenkins administration and full Gerrit rights. Palaych is now going to be an integral part in team decisions for the future of the project. So, let us congratulate him while we all are busy dealing with the pandemic tucked in our beds working/studying(Taking those annoying online classes) from home. Good job, Pal.

Stay home, Stay safe!

Want to contribute? and one day earn a spot in the CORE team?

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