Always mention your device name

Welcome to ArrowOS chat Telegram Group !

Please don’t forget to mention your device every time you ask a question or you report an issue.

This is very important because we don’t have psychic powers to read your mind.

We are no Yoda Jedi Masters here. We can do lots of things but sadly, reading minds is not one of our skill sets.

Keep in mind that the world is way bigger than what you have seen, even if you think you have seen much, and know a lot, we can assure you that the world is composed of more devices than yours.

At this stage you can confidently assume that our multinational team hasn’t gotten together to put in long unpaid hours of hard work only to service YOUR device.

As a matter of fact ArrowOS supports over 80 devices and the list is growing.

Always, mention your device.

Also do take time to Read the rules!


Yeah… We dont’ do TLDR here. Get into the habit of reading regularly.

It gives you a clear and actionable objective, and more importantly, It will develop your brain and keep your mind fresh. It will also help you focus for more than 2 minutes at a time.

These are very important traits if you wanna land a job that pays more than minimum national wage and does not work you to death.


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