Nightlies misconceptions!

Recently we have switched to nightlies as announced in our previous post. Since then there have been a lot of misconceptions surrounded by the people. Here we try to clarify them with few key points.

Why am i receiving updates daily?

Some might find this annoying, but this is what nightlies are for, to be always upstreamed and on latest changes.

Why is there an update despite of no new changes?

Nightlies are automated and run at a specified time daily. No updates mentioned on the changelogs or on the device page, doesn’t mean that the build is of no new changes. There are always changes taking place in the background, be it source or device related. Your maintainer might have forgot to update the changelog!? In either case, the repos tracked from AOSP upstream are always pulled for latest changes which won’t be listed on our changelogs page.

Is it mandatory to update to daily builds?

NO, it’s up to you. Keep an eye on the source/device changelogs page for any updates that are marked as important. If you don’t feel like updating or the current build you’re on is rock solid, make a decision and just skip the update. Feel free to make your choice over the update cycle.

The daily update notification is annoying me!

Go to your updater preferences and change the Auto updates check option to your preferred time frame.

Hope that clarifies everyone’s doubts/misconceptions over nightlies.


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