The future of nightlies

We’re glad to inform you that we have been adding support for more and more new devices, but as a matter of fact, our infra has taken a huge hit to keep up with the load. In order to create a leveled playing field over all our build variants in utilising the infra, we’re reforming our release cycle.

You must have been familiar with our live stats by now. These stats have been very crucial for us in making future decisions for the project as well as a show of great support. In our previous post, we have already mentioned our split nightlies. This has been now further revised as mentioned below.

Nightlies / Weeklies

Don’t be worried, we aren’t pulling out the plug on nightlies yet. Instead, we have devised a plan to handle the surge of devices in the following manner.

  • A list of nightly devices will be generated according to a set threshold of total active installations.
  • The list of the devices meeting the threshold will be further split down into two groups and will be carried out as split nightlies from Monday through Friday.
  • The rest of the devices that do not meet the threshold will be gathered onto a separate list and will be treated as weekly devices.
  • These weekly devices will be built every weekend i.e. Saturday through Sunday.

Keep up those numbers for your devices to be active. For long-continued support of the project help us out on maintaining the infra with your contributions 🤗


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