We lost a legend but at what cost

It is with deep regret that we inform you today about the loss of our legend SuperServer. We had to put down the 36 cores 72 threads beast. It served well while it lasted. You know it better than us. With that, the Nightlies are also coming to an end as we no longer have the raw power to support the sheer load of devices.

But not everything is sad, there’s some good news. We devised a new strategy to support all our current devices on a weekly basis. The way these weeklies will be delivered is quite different from the traditional weeklies that we are all used to. Hoarding all the devices on a weekend has been a burden for the server. The addition of more new devices and the increase in build times will result in delayed updates. In order to maintain a strategic and convenient build cycle, we came up with this plan of splitting all our currently supported devices into groups, which will be built throughout the week covering all the devices. We will be calling this new build cycle Splitlies.

We do apologize for the delayed response on this matter. It wasn’t easy to bounce back after losing the SuperServer which stood as a founding pillar for a long time. Although It took a while for us to gather back and set up all the available resources, all is good now.

We hope for continued support from the community. We are here to stay!


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