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Detailed information about our Gapps and Vanilla build types

Hello, аfter some internal discussion, we decided to make Gapps build with full-fledged built-in Gapps. It includes G-Play services and now some AOSP apps have been replaced with Gapps.

So, as you know we have two types of builds


Firstly, a little bit about VANILLA builds. These are without Gapps (clean AOSP). Ideal for those who like MicroG, and wants to use without Gapps or prefers their own Gapps package.

Secondly, I will inform you about GAPPS builds and the recent changes that will reflect on them from next weekly.

What it includes now and what are the changes, you ask?

  • Play Services, Core apps and Play Store
  • Dialer
  • Messaging
  • Contacts
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Clock
  • Sound Picker
  • Device personalization Services with Live Caption and etc.
  • Keyboard
  • Android System WebView
  • Chrome

All similar AOSP apps have been overwritten with Gapps. You don’t have to delete or freeze them manually.

All Gapps packages and other files are extracted from original and latest system images for Pixel devices

Why didn’t we add more apps? You can install them yourself using Play Store. We want to give the user the maximum choice.

GAPPS builds are only available for devices with an official status.

Revamped downloads page is live now

As we mentioned in our previous post, our downloads page is now dynamic and revamped. You should check it out to download the latest build for your device, click here to open it.

Want to become official maintainer?

Checkout this post

Write to us about your thoughts at arrowos.contact@gmail.com and in the comments section below.


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