Apply for Maintainership

To make your device official and be the official maintainer of ArrowOS you must fulfill all the below requirements as mentioned.

Requirements for the Official Device Maintainership Applicant:

  • Applicant should be having good knowledge of the use of GitHub and Gerrit.
  • A proper commit history with authorship should be maintained for all of the commits being done or cherry-picked. We have zero-tolerance towards ‘KANG’ and one found guilty will be removed immediately.
  • It is highly desired that the applicant should have a Telegram Account to be in touch with the team.

Device Requirements:

  • We prefer SeLinux to be enforcing, but this is something we will evaluate based on the device and the applicant.
  • All of the Device sources must be Open Sourced. No private source shall be encouraged!
  • All the main device functions i.e, [Camera,Data, Voice Calling,WiFi, Hotspot, Bluetooth (and Fingerprint, NFC, Sensors etc if applicable)] should all be working to be fit for the use as a daily driver.
  • Device sources should be maintained to not have any errors during upstream updates & changes for the proper functioning of automated Jenkins builds.

You can apply for the maintainership by mailing us at

Be sure to include:

  • Your name.
  • Github, Telegram and XDA username(optional only if you have.).
  • Link to device tree, kernel source and vendor sourc.
  • Device name, codename.
  • Selinux status, what is working or non-working, any other information team should know.
  • Attach two screenshots, one of About section in Settings of the ROM and the other of terminal on build complete.

OPTIONAL: If you do not wish to apply for official devices but have made personal builds and want to share it with others or want to rarely maintain your device you can push your device to our community devices, read more about community builds here

We can take sometime to get back to you so please be patient


The maintainers will now be given few privileges, handing them full control over to Jenkins to initiate a test build anytime so that there will be more preliminary checks done before the official releases.

We are also looking forward to seeing more active contributors, which will open the opportunity for them to become a part of the Core Team. Our doors are now wide open for all contributors. The criteria to get into ArrowOS Squad will be judged upon how useful and error-free those contributions are to the project keeping in mind maintaining code integrity and ownerships to those commits respectively.

Procedure after being selected to be a part of ArrowOS Team

  • Follow the instruction and agree to the Terms and Conditions mentioned in the mail
  • Make a commit and add your device in arrow.devices codename build type for example: z2_plus userdebug
  • Make a commit to add your name and your device’s name in the team page of the website
  • Make a devices blog post see other device posts for example and do it a similar way

NOTE: The changes you make above should be pushed to our gerrit for review. Pull requests are not accepted

HAVE A LOOK: Guide on how to submit patches to gerrit

With regards

ArrowOS Team


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