Introducing community builds

Hello everyone, we’re glad to inform you about one of the projects plans which we are working on and which is live now. A new build variant under the tag Community builds is being rolled out for some of the initial devices which do not wish or could not make into our official list. Also incase of a inactive maintainer the device will be dropped down to community build.

If any case the maintainer moves onto a new device and may wish to continue builds for their previous device(s) he/she had worked on, may also be considered to be put under community. These variant’s device sources are going to be solely maintained by its community maintainer/developer. Each one of them will be given access to our configs platform to carry out their preliminary test builds. Further on certain intervals our jenkins will perform automated releases for all the community devices to the public users.


We see this as an oppurtunity for every budding developer/maintainer out there to sharpen their skills while learning and providing something to use for the device users. So, we welcome everyone that are interested, and those who were rejected earlier for official maintainership are free to re-apply. Every application will be verified and assigned a OFFICIAL/COMMUNITY tag for their device according to the applicants submitted details(device sources) and previous works if any. This also helps many more users to run ArrowOS on their devices that aren’t officially supported. More further details on the community edition builds advantages and changes/features will be announced at a later phase.

ArrowOS or the CORE team will not be responsible in anyway for the management of device sources of community devices. No supervision will take place over the incidents/issues caused or responsible by community edition builds.

Be the community and Help the community grow

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